Read about our sports physiotherapy services

Read about our sports physiotherapy services

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In sports, the physiotherapist’s main purpose is to help the injured athletes to return to the performance level they had before the injury occurred. The role of a competition physiotherapist is to prevent and treat any injuries occurring on site, using taping and strapping techniques, passive stretching, massage, electro stimulation against muscle cramps and pain, and of course, applying first-aid techniques in case of contusions, sprains and other accidents. We offer the best products used in physiotherapy today in Europe and USA, and most important, we offer the methods, the techniques and the necessary experience to keep an athlete on track!

By choosing our physiotherapy service you will receive innovative treatments, determination and results orientation, elements which can definitely add value to your fitness and health state. Choose a service based on knowledge, patience and respect for the athlete.

We support performance in all sports, therefore we bring a special physiotherapy offer for all athletes. Our service package includes both the treatment and the prevention of an injury. You will instantly acknowledge that the performance-cost ratio really makes the difference.

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What does a physiotherapy consultation consists of:

- Evaluation of an existing trauma or trauma predisposition/tendency
- Sport and effort capacity evaluation for an individual
- Muscular, joint and ligament testing
- Post-injury sports rehabilitation for common or specific injuries
- Immediate first or secondary-aid interventions on site (training base or HQ location)
- Exercise programmes and specific physiotherapy musculoskeletal facilitation techniques
- Photographic and video body alignment analysis
- Diagnosis and imagistic examinations recommendations

How do we do it and what do we use:

- Kinesiology tapings and techniques (including world innovative applications)
- Electrostimulation against muscle cramps, spasm and pains
- Therapeutical massage with the best products on the sports therapy market
- Trigger Point techniques against painful muscular points
- Vibration-assisted deep-tissue massage
- Taping and strong strapping of muscles and joints
- Passive stretching

We know how important communication is. The information an athlete receives from a health professional has to be accurate, therefore all our physiotherapists’ English skills are optimal for your comfort and safety.

We can cover any event inside and outside the Romanian borders!

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